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How to Approach the Scaffolding Accessories Timely and Effectively

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China CNBM international corporation certification
China CNBM international corporation certification
My crew can work very quickly with the steel frame formwork system, because it has few different components.

—— Wisnu Prastomo

we were able to complete the construction both inexpensively and within the given time schedule.

—— Steffen Heidenreich

The CNBM formwork systems have opened up new possibilities for us.

—— Aitor Pablo Gorran

With the selected CNBM systems,operating sequences were accelerated whilst maintaining the high safety requirements.

—— Matthias Raab

The formwork is easy to clean and can be used very flexibly for walls columns and foundations.

—— Karl Stacheter

The CNBM formwork is the best system I have used so far for forming slabs.The elements are very light and the fast system.

—— Jean Luc Lignon

A large selection of available equipment and systems from CNBM offered us a competitive edge in this hot market.

—— Adam Arenivas

CNBM provided us with optimal solutions for all the problem areas and the systems can be used very flexibly

—— Jordi Mari

Compared to conventional panel formwork,I only need half the amount of time for shuttering using CNBM housing.This is a fantastic formwork system.

—— Heinz Gass

As a reliable,logistics partner we worked hand-in-hand with CNBM.We were able to complete the construction both inexpensively

—— Mauricio Mesias Jaime

The CNBM systems has opened up new possibilities for usI'm sure these will ensure that we achieve our goal ofcomplete and integrated formwork solution

—— Edwin lee Wee Ping

The system's high degree of adaptability allowed us to erect both shoring and slab formwork in the shortest time despite complicated building geometry

—— Oronzo Rampino

CNBM formwork was and will always be the best-you can say what you want.Anyone who knows anything about construction knows that.

—— Franz Xaver

The CNBM UP scaffolding adapted perfectly to the inclined form of the wall.This meant that safe and quick facade assembly was possible at every point.

—— Martin Vachal

We decided to use the CNBM system due to the very tight construction schedule.For construction of these floors,the CNBM is simply fantastic.

—— Jean-Marie Dolo

With the templates provided by CNBM,this was no problem whatsoever.The CNBM formwork fittde perfectly and could be put together without any effort.

—— Rainer Knodler

The extremely competent and detailed CNBM formwork made a decisive contribution to the effective completion and success of this construction project.

—— Josef Eich

Through the use of the CNBM systems,our site is a prime example of efficiency and safety.

—— Luis Redondo

Right from the beginning,the co-operation with CNBM and the service they procided could not have been better.

—— Torre Espacio

Formworking could be carried out quickly and efficiently with CNBM and,in particular,without the use of a crane.

—— Ji-Young Park

Already in the preparation phase,CNBM had provided us with the best formwork concept.

—— Rini bartens

I was already able to use the CNBM systems very successfully for my previous highrise projects.

—— Rodney O'Neill

The formwork is the safest and most efficient slab table system.Due to the lifting carriage,no workers are needde to oush the table to the slab edge.

—— Louie Tenaglia

The experience we had using proven CNBM systems in projects was also a decisive factor to renew our co-ciperation for the Naga Hammadi dam contract.

—— Andreas Poller

The high requirements placed om surface smoothness were able to be met without any problems.

—— Rico Schaarschmidt

The CNBM concept is technecally very sound and allowed us to save time and work extremety.

—— Florin Udrescu

Company News
How to Approach the Scaffolding Accessories Timely and Effectively

A growing number of customers express a strong desire to order scaffolding accessories from China particularly in the last few years. As they want make each order for each product with best quality and acceptable prices all the way. In this way, the distributors not only make more profit but also the end users could save much cost.


CNBM being as one of the largest state-owned group corporation in China, dealing with building materials & industrial equipment since 1984. Which specializes in designing & manufacturing of various kinds of construction machinery & formwork and scaffolding systems, including tower crane, building hoist, etc? All the equipments & formwork systems produced by CNBM wins great reputation for their endurable performance in worldwide markets.


First of all, scaffolding is a temporary structure which is widely used in construction areas for the benefits of construction workers and laborers. Scaffolding consists of various kinds of accessories, including pipe, tube, brace, and platform and so on. Scaffolding tube is made of steel or aluminum. It can be erected to a great height to help workers accomplish their work more conveniently and safe.

As you may know, most of construction works must be done in a high level, which is impossible to reach for the construction workers without any help. However, with the help of scaffolding accessories as tube and pipe, reaching up to a great height is not impossible no longer. Generally speaking, the scaffolding tube is made of durable steel and aluminum, so they are durable enough for bearing the capacity of workers and materials.


Secondly, the main purpose of scaffolding accessories is to provide safety and convenience. It can be widely used in both home and commercial construction works, like building, painting, decorating, maintenance and so on. Remember that, construction workers will spend most of their time on scaffoldings. So, it is important to pay attention to the materials and its quality of the scaffoldings.


Thirdly, Scaffolding accessories for boards are the working surface of any Scaffolding. Made from seasoned wood, one can procure a board in three main thicknesses: 38 mm, 50 mm and 63 mm. Special attention is paid to the end of the board during manufacturing. The ends are provided with metal plates known as hoop irons / nail plates.


Fourthly, Scaffolding accessories for couplers are used for the purpose of holding the tubes in Scaffolding. These are classified as right-angle couplers, putlog couplers and swivel couplers. The right angle couplers and swivel couplers are used for the purpose of securing tubes in “load-bearing connection”. The joint pins used for joining the tubes are called spigots or sleeve couplers.


Fifthly, You should inspect scaffolding and its accessories carefully before you erecting or moving it. Safety first! You are advised to select or buy some scaffoldings which are made up of steel and aluminum from They are all durable and lightweight. Steel and aluminum are the most popular scaffolding materials now.


As to a construction company, you may spend a lot on the construction tools and materials since there are various kinds of equipments you will need, like scaffolding accessories. What's more, you will spent more if you want to get the superior equipments, while the best approach for scaffolding accessories led by, there are the customer servicers who could answer more detailed questions regarding any types of scaffolding accessories you want.

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